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I have gotten back into Flash and I have decided to bring this account back up instead of creating a new one.

Account Moved

2008-04-08 21:56:27 by HarddiskClock

Sup, EraserClock here to tell you that I have moved to a different account. You will still be able to watch the movies and play the games that I uploaded with this account, just there will be no new flash or news posts on this account, to keep up to date, look at my new account; EraserClock.

As the title says, it was canceled. File lost due to freak power outage. It was almost done too.

I have decided to make Super Peavy Cousins a sprite movie, not only that but it will be a collaboration with TheGenius.

Super Peavy Cousins

2007-11-11 17:07:50 by HarddiskClock

This is a flash movie that I based off one of my cousins and mine's ideas. Here is a picture.
I can't wait till i finish it.

Super Peavy Cousins


2007-09-27 15:59:03 by HarddiskClock

If my website just says site title and small title i dont know what is wrong sorry.


2007-09-23 00:29:11 by HarddiskClock

I finally made a sprite sheet for those beginners who want to make a Clock Crew movie. It includes me, SBC, VandettaClock, and ClockOfMadness. (He hasn't activated his account yet)

Clock CrewMember

2007-09-10 17:56:14 by HarddiskClock

Yay i finally regestered with the Clock Crew, at


2007-08-29 17:44:59 by HarddiskClock

This is just a reminder: I am not a member of the Clock Crew.